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Leading Bussiness Company Urgently Required Following Managers

  • Leading Bussiness Company Urgently Required Following Managers


Price : Price On Call
Date : 02/14/2019
Job Type : Job Seeker
Experience Level : Managment
Employment Type : Full-Time
Education Level : Master's Degree
Location : Doha, Qatar

Leading Bussiness Company Urgently Required Following Managers


(Age: 45 to 55 years). Candidate should be B.Tech / BE (Civil) from a reputed university. Having experience in dealing with Construction, Oil & Gas, Trading activities. Administer everyday operations for the organization and provide support to all operations projects and supervise the working of all multifunctional project teams and manage all financial and administrative activities. Monitor all projects and prepare a schedule of all work within the required timeframe and coordinate with resource managers and supervisors to evaluate all approvals. GCC experience is mandatory.


Age: 40 to 50 years). Candidate should be Chartered Accountant (CA / CPA), excellent communication and presentation skills and an analytical approach to work. Also high numeracy, sound technical and problem-solving skills and initiative. He should be able to prepare financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports and financial forecasts. Exposure to international investment is desirable. GCC experience is mandatory


(Age: 45 to 55 years). Degree in Civil, Architecture or its equivalent. Professional experience in dealing with different types of flooring products such as Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber, Parquet, Raised Floor, Sports Floor etc. Will come from a strong operational background and have a thorough understanding of the fit-out industry. Proven track record as onsite PM managing projects throughout the entire process. Must have extensive knowledge of the Building and Construction industry and processes. Have the ability to develop and nurture client relationships both internally and externally. Minimum 15-20 years of relevant working experience in interior fit-out works or relevant construction industries.




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