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  • Best Offer Salwars 3 Pices Combo in Matale
  • Best Offer Salwars 3 Pices Combo in Matale


Price : රු6,000.00(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : 02/05/2019
Condition : New
Location : Matale, Sri Lanka




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  2. Remember to inspect the item fully before making the purchase. Be sure to visit the property or see the car before handing any money over.
  3. Make sure to review all the necessary documents – make sure any property rental agreement is with the correct person/authority.
  4. If items have a price that is too good, then be extra careful. Avoid any buy one get one free offer – these are usually scams.
  5. Don’t deal with sellers who want your personal information without any good reason.
  6. Never send an advance payment or deposit. Deal only with people face to face.

There are lots of good deals and offers on AdToga. Follow these simple rules to protect yourself against scams and fraud.

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